About Devotional Music


DM is your source for calming, devotional music, that helps come along side your devotional life and reduce stress.

Here at devotionalmusic.net we aim to bring you content worthy of your journey to find tranquility in the midst of a busy world.

This website and blog exists to help you find effective ways to anchor your life with disciplines and practices that can bring rest and stillness to your soul.

Of course the main way we will make this happen is through music. We will direct your attention to sounds and melodies that can help serve you when you build these devotional practices into your life.

Music has always been one of the few things in the world that is both a product and a service. In ancient times music would have been primarily a service. A musician or group of musicians would be called upon to entertain or help set a tone for a particular occasion.

With the advent of the industrial revolution and free markets, music was able to be produced, packaged, and released for retail stores. Television networks and radio stations broadcasted it to TV sets, automobiles and shopping malls. Music quickly changed from simply being a service to a product. Rock bands became household brands with merchandising of all kinds. T-Shirts, accessories and custom made signature-guitars added to the frenzy. The mega-star was born.

And then came the internet.

Of course the pop-stars are still rising and falling, but the internet has allowed for the gate keepers to be sidelined. Now anyone with a laptop, some recording software, and a good ear, can create and release music.

And that’s what we’ve done.

Singer, songwriter, and producer Nate Fancher, has created this site to act as an archive for his original instrumental recordings. This music is ideal for quiet times and devotions.

Spiritual belief systems of all kinds have devotional music. Here we won’t focus on one primary musical genre or religion, but we will simply write articles that talk about reducing stress in your life, and we’ll also offer Nate’s music that can come alongside you as you walk on your path to find peace.

treesDMDefining Terms

As we’ve already mentioned above, devotional music can come in numerous styles, ranging from different backgrounds, cultures, and forms of worship.

Below is a list of words you will often learn about when looking into devotional music.

It would be good to define some of these terms. From time to time we will talk about these traditions on our website:


The Bhajan classifies a broad range of devotional songs that originated in the south of India. They usually have a simple arrangement and will often have spiritual lyrics. It is a strong part of the Hindu religion.

Quiet Time

In the west, the Evengelical Christian culture often uses these words for their devotional times. It usually is accompanied by prayer, worship, and meditation on Holy Scripture. Many people who do “quiet time” will play either a CD or some form of music to set the tone.


Tamil is the language that most Bhajan songs are sung in. It is a language spoken by much of the population of South India and Sri Lanka. It comes from a large family of East Asian languages called Dravidian languages.


Borgeets are also lyrical songs, but aren’t fixed in strong rhythmic structures. They tend to be more free flowing and are base on what is called a Raga, the primary melodic scale in Indian classical music.


Liturgu has more to do with an order of service or religious ceremony. It is usually very ritualistic and often includes hymns and music chants of various kinds. Liturgies are very common in the Catholic and Protestant traditions.


This particular devotional song is found in the religion of Islam, specifically Sufism. It is a very poetic form of music that addresses Allah in a very intimate way. It is primarily Persian in its origin, and is predominately in Pakistan and other regions of South Asia.

Genres of Music on This SiteInstrument.Santoor

If you are new to this site, it needs to be known at the outset that Nate (the composer and a blog contributor) is a Christian believer, but since the music at DM is specifically instrumental, there will be no attempt to promote a particular belief system in the form of lyrical content.

If you want to listen to Nate’s songs then by all means check him out. His music site has all of his music for you to download.

We mentioned above that we will most likely cover these traditions at length in various articles and blog posts, but mainly, at devotionalmusic.net, you will find a handful of instrumental music styles that work very well for the following contexts:

Quiet Times and devotions
Meditation and yoga
Focused times of studying and scholarship
Peaceful evenings before you go to sleep
Background music for a restful afternoon 
Intellectually stimulating songs for creative writing

Specific Instrumental Genres at DM

Soft piano music
Ambient music
Stringed instrument music
Soundscapes of nature
Rhythmic meditative music

It is our honest prayer, that this webste will serve you on your spiritual journey. No matter where you are in the world or whatever cultural background you are from, you are on a path. That path is leading you either to a place of rest or its leading you to a place of strife.

We hope that DM can be one piece of the puzzle that helps you find peace. It is ultimately up to you which path you walk on…